Do you want to make money from Facebook when using it?
Then hold I am gonna tell you how you can Make Money from Facebook without spending money.

Facebook is the world’s third most popular website after Google and youtube with more than 2 billion users. That is the reason Facebook is a platform full of opportunities to earn money.

Every year many Facebook users are earning thousands or millions of the dollar from Facebook and you can earn too.

For earning from Facebook you need a Facebook page or groups or don’t need millions of followers or likes on your Facebook page/groups to earn money.

Even if you have 10000 followers, you can start making money. if you don’t have that many followers then here is how you can start from scratch get thousands of followers

  • Choose a niche.
  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Regularly upload 5- 6 posts in a day at different times.
  • Join groups with a huge audience.
  • Share your Facebook page’s post in that group.

Soon you will see that likes on your Facebook page will start growing but initially, it will take time to get the first 500 likes on your Facebook keep patience.

After 500 likes you will see that like on your Facebook page start growing rapidly because you’re audience automatically start sharing your you don’t have to share the posts.

Note:- keep in mind that consistency is the key .you have to regularly upload 5-6 posts to keep your audience engaged.

Here are the top ways to earn money from Facebook.

1.Facebook Ads

 hand holding using Facebook on mobile phone.make money from facebook
Earn From Facebook Ads

If you have a Facebook page with thousands of likes, on which you regularly upload videos than Facebook is giving you the opportunity to monetize your video.
you can place ads in your video by the Facebook ad, which is similar to youtube ads and whenever someone watches the ad break you will earn video.

For monetizing your page you can join Facebook Creator Studio. if you join Facebook creator studio then Facebook will also give you more feature which you can use to create better videos and posts.

2.Affiliate Marketing

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Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Wait wait. I know you are thinking that for affiliate marketing you need a blog. but it’s wrong .for affiliate marketing you just need traffic doesn’t matter from where it comes.

First, join an affiliate program and then share the link of the product on your Facebook page or group. whenever someone clicks on the link and purchases the product, you earn a commission.

Note:- Choose the product based on your niche, like if you have a page about pets, then choose a product related to pets, like pets food or soap for pets.

3.Brand Collaboration

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Earn From Brand Collaboration

Brand collaboration is not that easy but not difficult too.

if you have a page or followers with millions of like or likes even in six digits, brand will approach you for collaborating, but if you have profile with 10000 likes/followers or less than you have to approach the many brands and telling them about your page and maybe one of the brands will agree to collaborate with you.

Note:- Maybe the brand initially will not pay you too much money because the money paid by the brand will depend on the number of likes or followers.

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4. Sell Your Products

selling digital product and earning money.earn money from facebook by selling digital products.
Sell and Earn

Yes, you heard it right, you can earn by selling your products.when the followers and likes on your page grow, your pages start becoming brand. now you can approach a manufacturer for manufacturing of products related to your niche with your brand name and tell your followers about your product and done.

Because your followers trust in you, many of them will convert from your followers to customers.

Don’t want to invest money in manufacturing physical products.No problem. you can create a digital product like e-book or online course and upload it to kindle or relevant platform related to your start marketing of your product and earn money.

Note:- Launch a product related to your niche and make sure that people need that product.
like if you have a page related to pets than manufacturer pet food, coz they also need the trustable dog food, but if you manufacture a perfume for pets, then you know what will happen.


website running on a computer 
 Earn From Website

Earn From Website

Right! you have huge traffic then why don’t you use that traffic to earn money from a website like RVCJ page with millions of followers are earning from a website using their Facebook audience.

Start a website and monetize it with Google AdSense and share the link of your website with your audience.because you have a huge audience, very soon you will start earning money from your website.

6. Get Paid For Likes

 Facebook likes coming out of facebook box.get paid for likes.
Like And Earn

When you give more, you get more.

you all have heard this since childhood. now it’s time to apply this. partner with YouTubers/influencer and tell them you can help them for getting more subscribers/followers and in exchange charge, your teel your Facebook followers that if they will follow this channel/influencer you will give them X amount of money.

Example:- let say an influencer is paying you 10 bucks for 1 follow then give your followers 5 bucks for following this influencer. that strategy will create a win-win situation for both, you and your followers.because your followers are also will earn few bucks, they will surely gonna like and subscribe to the other influencer.

7.Manage Others Account

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 Manage Other Profiles
Manage Other Facebook Account and Earn Money

You have thousands of active followers, it means you know, how to grow followers list and keep engage them, then why don’t you use this skill to earn money.

There are thousands of influencers who want social media manager to handle their social profile. approach them like YouTubers and startups and show them your work to make them realize that you can manage their social profile effectively and charge them fees.

The good thing is as your clients start to increase, you can hire other social media manager and even you can start a company to handle social media profiles.

8. Sell Your Account

a red colour sell button.sell your account.
Sell Account And Earn Money

What? sell my account. you heard it right sell your you know a Facebook page with thousands of like gets sold in thousands of bucks?

There are many people or startups who want a pre-build Facebook page with thousands of followers and they don’t have that much time to grow a Facebook page from they just buy the prebuild Facebook page.
For selling your page you can join a freelance site or post about the selling of page on other Facebook pages/groups or approach the other influencer.

Tell me in the comment section how are you gonna make money from a Facebook page?

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keep it in mind:-
Facebook has no problem if you earn money from Facebook but Mark Zuckerberg wants their users to stay on Facebook, after all, who wants their user to move on to another please use the above methods very strategically.
If you have any suggestions or query then please comment. I will reply to you soon.

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