International labor organization said that almost 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide as a result of COVID-19.

People are losing their job around the world and it has impacted the lives of everyone.people are not worry about their health but also their pocket.

In this situation, you should try to save money as much as you can. To help you Here I am sharing some ways to earn money during the coronavirus so that you can support your finance for a long time. These methods can help you to make quick money during coronavirus

Anyone can start earning money using these methods. You don’t need a college degree or a specific skill to earn money. For most of the methods, you just need a laptop and internet connection to start making money.

It will really help you to support your finances.

1.sell mask and hand wash

Sell Sanitizer and Mask

As fast as coronavirus is spreading all over the world, the need for masks and hand wash is increasing. You can sell masks and sanitizers online or at your shop or even outside your home. This idea will help you to earn some quick money.

2. Start drop-shipping business

dropshipping chart how it works
Earn Money from Drop-shipping

If you have quarantine your self completely but want to make money without stepping outside your room than this method is for you.

Drop-shipping is business, using which you can earn a decent amount of money.

Drop-shipping is having a digital store in which you(seller) does not keep goods in stocks but transfer your orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or wholesaler or retailer who has the stock of the goods, who then ships goods directly to the customer.

For drop-shipping business, you need to set up your digital store on your Shopify than link it to drop-shipping partner to start selling. You can select a niche in which you want to sell and you are ready to start selling.

Drop-shipping accounts will be free for initial days after that you have to pay the money for an account.

Some drop-shipping company are:-

3. become delivery boy


People are trying to avoid making steps out of their homes. In fact for small grocery items, they’re going on the internet and ordering it online.

Due to this the need for a delivery boy is increasing, you can become a delivery boy for Amazon or some other companies to help them deliver the item to their customer and can earn decent money for every order.

3. Get freelance job


The company has given you leave and now you are at your home. But your household will not run by sitting at why not use you use your skill to earn money during coronavirus.

Whether you are a good video editor or you are good at making presentations. There is a freelance job for every skill. Here are some freelancing websites where you can get freelancing jobs.

4.stock market


The economy is crashing but still, people are making money from the stock market. If you have knowledge of the stock market then use it to earn money. Buy some share that can give you profit in this crashing market.

Almost all industries sector stock is falling due to coronavirus but still, there are some industries that can give you profit. Like pharma industries.

Note:- I am not a certified stock advisor. I am only giving you the method to earn money in the coronavirus period. For getting professional advice contact the certified stock advisor

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5. Become tutor

PERSON LEARNING ON HIS to make money from coronavirus

The government has given the order to close schools and colleges, as a result, it has impacted the studies of students. In this time you can become a tutor for your neighbor or in your area to earn money.

It is not important to be a physics or math teacher, you can also teach a skill(whichever you have) to other people to earn money.

If you have quarantined yourself completely, then you can take the help of the can teach people online whether you want to teach physics or give some guitar lessons.

Here is some website where you can teach online:-

6. Work on the micro-task website

Woman smiling while using to make money  from coronavirus
Work on the micro-task website and earn money

If you have no skill or you do not have knowledge of the stock market than you can work on the micro task website.on this website, you will be paid for doing micro-tasks like CAPTCHA solving, verifying details or writing product descriptions.

Here is a list of the genuine micro-task website:-

7.take Paid survey to make money from coronavius

You can take a paid survey to earn some money. Taking the paid surveys will not give a hundred dollars but still, you can earn a few dollars by taking the survey. Here are some websites where you will get a paid survey.

8.sell things You don’t need

HAND WITH PLASTICS to make money from coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading too fast and more people are losing their jobs so it is better to if you can collect as much money as you can. There are certainly some things you don’t use or use occasionally.

So it better to sell them right now. It is a good time to sell these things and get as much money as you can. Maybe you will not get a fair price for these things but still, you will get some money and in this pandemic situation every penny matters.

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9.earn money watching videos

KID WATCHING VIDEO ON to make money from coronavirus

You can watch ads in your spare time and can earn money or gift coupons. Here is the list of genuine from where you can make money for watching ads.

10.redeem points


You have used your credit/Debit card many times in the past and earned some good points then redeem it. your bank will give gift vouchers when you redeem these points and you can use these vouchers for shopping for important things.

11. Automatic coupon or promo code

Person shopping online.MAKE MONEY FROM CORONAVIRUS
Use coupon websites

Saving money is also like earning money. Before making any order online, use the automatic coupon websites.

Before making any purchases these websites automatically search the best promo codes or gift vouchers for you online which you can use during shopping to save money on your every purchase.

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Is there some work I have not listed? Please let me know in the comment section I will add it as soon as I can.

Please Stay safe from coronavirus

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