How to Claim Boat Warranty | Get Your Gadget Repair/Replace

Does your boat gadget isn’t working and you are searching How to Claim Boat Warranty? do you want to get your boat gadget repaired/replace?

Don’t worry in this guide I will show you step by step method to claim your boat warranty so that you can get your gadget repaired or replaced without spending any money.

Almost all the boat gadget comes with a warranty period of 1 year so make sure your gadget is still under the warranty period.

To know if your gadget is still under warranty check the date of purchase of the product and today date. If your product hasn’t competed 365 days from the date of purchase then it is still under warranty.

Now first to claim your boat warranty you need a bill of your product purchase or invoice of your product. In the next step, I will show you how to download an invoice for your product in case you bought your boat gadget online.

How to Download invoice?

Here I will show you an example by downloading an invoice for a smartphone which I purchased in January from Flipkart.

Similarly, you can download an invoice for your earphones/headphones or speaker or any other gadget from Flipkart/Amazon or any other e-commerce site.

First visit and login to Flipkart.

Now go to the order section.

Then select the product of which you want to download invoice and click on it.

Then on the right side, You can see an option to download the invoice as you can see in the picture. Just click on it and the invoice will be downloaded in your device.

Register Complaint to Get Your Gadget Repair/Replace

Now you have invoice/bill of the product so you will register a complaint to claim your boat warranty.

For demo purpose I will claim boat rockerz 255 warranty.

Using the same step you can also claim warranty of your product.

Boat Claim Warranty PAGE

First visit to the boat support page and click on register a complaint option.

A new page will open, where you will get a form to fill. In the first column select category of your boat device and in next type your product names.

Boat Claim Warranty PAGE STEP-2

Like my product category is Bluetooth earphones/headphones product name is boat rockerz 255.

Then type pin code of your area and click on the submit button. if there is a service centre nearby your location then you will find the column to fill mobile number. just fill the column and submit .upon submission you will receive the list of nearby service centre on your smartphone through SMS.

What if there is no service centre in my location?

In case there is no nearby service centre, then you become eligible for door shipping/pickup.for this after performing step 1 and 2 you will get a new form to fill.

Fill all the details carefully such as your full name, email, mobile number, shipping and pickup address.

Boat Claim Warranty PAGE STEP-3

Select the product problem from the list of options and type the problem in detail you are facing in your gadget in the problem description column.

Boat Claim Warranty PAGE STEP3a

Do not forget to attach the invoice pdf given below the problem description column. Type the purchase date which You can find from your Flipkart/Amazon order section or from invoice. Now accept the terms and condition and click on submit.

As soon as you submit your form, a ticket number will generate (note it down for future) and a courier boy will come at the pickup location to collect your defective product. Give him only a defective product as there is no need to give accessories you got with your product.

The complete process to get your product repaired can take up to 15-20 case your product can’t be repaired, then you will get the replacement of the same product which will be delivered at your given location.

Check the status of your complaint

You can also check the status of your product/complaint using the ticket number you got after filling the Complaint Registration page.

Go the boat support page and click on the check status of the ticket. On the next page type your ticket number and submit. On submission, you will get the current status of your product.

Boat Customer Care Number And Customer Service Support

In case you still have any further queries, then you can contact the boat customer care using email or by calling.

Boat Customer Care official e-mail address : [email protected]

Boat New Customer Care Service Number is : 022-4946-1882 

How do I complain about boat earphones?

For complaining, you can contact boat customer care on their email ([email protected]) or by calling on 022-4946-1882 

What is the warranty period of boAt earphones?

Usually, every earphone by boat comes with a warranty period of 1 year. For more info, you can check product description on boat official website.

Do I need a receipt for a warranty?

Yes, to claim your product warranty you need a purchase receipt or invoice.

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