BoAt Storm Smartwatch Review | Track Heart Rate and BP

BoAt Storm Smartwatch


Design and build quality


Easy to Use


Value For Money



  • Long Battery Backup
  • Easy to Use
  • Value for money


  • Display Brightness
  • No Gps

Smartwatches are becoming more trending as becoming cheaper. now everyone wants to have a stylish smartwatch with the stylish smartphone.

Seeing the demand of people Now boAt, the brand which sells breathtaking audio devices has launched its own smartwatch by the name of boAt storm smartwatch in budget price which even the middle class can afford easily.

It’s not just a smartwatch, it is also fitness tracker. In this post we will review boat storm and answer to some question should you buy it or not?

Design and build quality?

Although its design is similar to realme smartwatch, there are so many points which make it different from another available smartwatch. At only 2000 Rs boat storm comes in a metallic square design with a round corner which gives it a peaceful look.

Its 1.3 Inches Full-Touch Screen Curved Display have a responsive touch that effortlessly let you operate and enjoy every feature. The best part is its removable strap which you can remove whenever you want to clean it.

Do not like the watch face?

No problem, you can select any one of the watches faces out of four and to get more watch faces option you can use apps.

The only downside of the display is its brightness. When using indoor you will not face any issue to see the display but on the other hand in outdoor even on peak brightness you might have to struggle to see clearly and use the display. Apart from it, it has only one side button switch off and on.

In final words, Upon wearing it look stylish on hand and catch attention in the crowd.

Is The Boat Storm Good Smartwatch?

Boat storm has features which usually comes in high-end price smartwatches. But to access most of the features you have to install the boat pro gear app (thanks to the boat, they have updated their pro gear app which now makes it easy to use).

Using pro gear app with boat storm You will be notified with the vibration alert for call, text, scheduled reminders, alarms and many more.

You can also manage your music, just select the music app which you mostly use and it will sync with it. Moreover, to protect the watch from sweat and water it has 5 ATM water resistance.

but only being a smart watch is not enough as this device is also sold as fitness tracker.

Is Boat Storm a Good Fitness Tracker?

BoAt Storm Smartwatch Review

As a brand claim, it has a sleep monitor, heart rate monitor and blood oxygen monitor but what really makes it different from other devices of the same range is its menstruation cycle tracker that predict cycle and health.

Apart from it if you are on dieting or working hard to gain weight than its activity tracker can help you to achieve your goal. Using this device you can keep track of how many steps you walked or how many calories you used.

There are total 9 active modes to choose from which are running, walking cycling, hiking, climbing, fitness, treadmill, yoga, dynamic cycling out of which you can select 8 at one go.

Boat storm really does what it says, but as usual, the data isn’t 100% correct and there is nothing wrong. This is a smart wearable device, not a medical device. The data it has shown is only for reference purpose.

Its relax feature is really useful for everyone of any age. Any time of day you feel exhausted. Just use relax feature for 1-2 minute which is nothing just a guide to tell you when the breath and when to exhale.

Boat Storm Smartwatch vs Realme Smartwatch

This review will be incomplete if there will no comparison of boat storm with its competitor realme smartwatch.

So in terms of feature, both of them have so much common. Let’s take a quick glance of the feature.

Realme Smartwatch vs Boat Storm

FeaturesRealme SmartwatchBoat Storm
Compatible WithAndroidAndroid/iOS
Screen Size1.4 inch1.3 inch
Heart Rateyesyes
Blood Pressureyesyes
Sleep Monitoryesyes
Menstruation Cyclenoyes
Relax Modeyesyes
Display Brightnessgoodbetter
Battery LifeUpto 9 daysUpto 10 days

It is clear from the table while the screen size of realme smartwatch little bigger than a boat smartwatch, later one is better then realme in many aspects be it price or the menstruation cycle tracker.

Moreover, the design of both of them is almost similar but wheres realme body is plastics, boat has launched their smartwatch with metallic finish which is unexpected at this is even more easy to use.

I talk about other features then boat storm only have four different faces to choose until you use apps whereas realme offer you 12 different faces to select without using apps. Clearly, realme has got the edge at this point.

In the long run, boat storm is comfortable to wear while realme watch feels uncomfy when used for a long period.

In the end, the winner is a boat storm smartwatch and the major factor for selecting it as the winner is its price as both of them has almost the same feature except two-three.

Should I Buy Boat Storm Smartwatch

If you really want to feel the stylish smartwatch in budget range as well as monitor your health 24/7 and want to make yourself stand out in the crowd, then I highly recommend you to go for boat storm smartwatch as it comes at a much lower price than its competitor with every feature-loaded you will get in any other smartwatch.

There is no single reason to ignore the boat storm.

Please let me know about your experience with boat storm smartwatch as how you are using it? And does it really fulfil your requirement of a smartwatch? If you have any suggestion or query then you can contact us. I am waiting to reply to you.

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