Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 in India(November 2020)

Got confused about which is the best wireless earphones under 2000 rs? or you need a wireless earphone for PUBG with no lagging?

Don’t worry I got your point.

Selecting the best earphones is a very hectic task when there are thousands of earphones available in the market. some have good sound but playback time is very less or some are tangle-free but not comfortable to use.

To solve all the above problems here I have listed the best wireless earphones under 2000 you can buy with different unique features and designs.

But first I recommend you to go with wireless earphone buying guide.

Bluetooth earphone buying guide: points to check before buying

There are plenty of wireless earphones in the market and a lot of things you should know before picking one doesn’t matter you are going to purchase earphones under 500 or under 2000.

These points guide will help you find the best wireless earphone under 2000 according to your requirement.

Generic earphone: I have said before and again recommend you to always buy the branded earphone.

As generic earphones are non-branded, no company checks the quality of earphone and manufacture it in mass quantity to make a profit.

Purpose: Ask a question to yourself where and when you’re going to use the earphone. Will you use it in the gym? Or while traveling?.

Sound & Bass Quality: I don’t think I need to talk about it as you know more than me.

Playback Time: It is one of the most important points you should check before buying an earphone.

when you decide purpose,you will know that how many hours of battery backup you need.

for ex: for gym purposes, 6-7 hours of music time is enough while if you are a traveler then it’s better to choose earphones with at least 12 hours of playback time.

Comfort: If you start feeling pain in your ear while using earphones for a longer time then it would be a wise decision to buy a comfortable earphone.

Cost (last but not least): Buy earphones depending on your budget. in this list you can find wireless earphones at low prices, as well as high prices and both, are amazing with the slight difference.

List of the best wireless earphone under 2000 Rs

As you have gone through the guide, now you clearly know what kind of earphone will suite you best. Check the list and buy the best one for yourself.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

ONE PLUS Z best wireless earphones under 2000
Overall Best

I think the name is enough to tell you about this wireless neckband in-ear headphone.

After selling an amazing flagship smartphone. one plus is offering a really great earphone where you get a fast charge feature with a battery backup of 20 hours in a single 100% charge.

you might think it will only work with one plus smartphone, which is not true, it easily gets connected to any smartphone using Bluetooth and offers you a good Bluetooth range of 10m.

nothing to say too much about sound as it’s 9.2mm dynamic driver offers rich sound quality and you will not face any issue. but it may disappoint you if you are a bass addict as its bass experience is above average.

apart from it, you can easily switch between paired up devices such as laptops and smartphones using the quick switch features.

Simply press the function button twice to switch.

isn’t it easy?

Not only that you also get magnetic control which lets you pause your favorite songs when both the speaker gets connected and again pair up from smartphone and play music as soon as you detach them.

In one line, it is full of features wireless earphone.

in the end, if you are looking for earphones full of features with long playback time and amazing sound quality then this earphone is made for you.

Realme Buds Wireless

REALME ONE OF THE best wireless earphones under 2000

So you need an earphone with good sound quality as well as bass quality?

But you also want earphone with long playback time?

Then you might consider buying this realme wireless Bluetooth earphone.

Thanks to the 11.2 mm drivers its sound quality and bass both are amazing and well-balanced.

Apart from this, it is giving you 100 minutes of music time in just 10 minutes of charging, and 12 hours of playback time at full charge, it can save you from frequent charging while traveling.

realme buds have similar features to the one plus z like magnetic control, voice assistant integration, and three tactile inline buttons.

But the Bluetooth connectivity of realme buds beat the above wireless earphones.

so if you are looking for a branded stylish earphone with balanced sound and bass quality and long battery life, at a reasonable price, then you can buy this wireless device.

OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

best wireless earphones under 2000 FOR PUBG
2nd runner-up(best for game)

Looking for a wireless earphone to enjoy music as well as PUBG or any other game?

Then do not miss this.

the only Certified Hi-Res Wireless Audio with 9.2 mm full-range dynamic drivers, OPPO ENCO M31 speakers give amazing sound.

If you are a PUBG player or play any other games, then it can be good for you as its latency rate is almost negligible.

the plus point of this earphone is its comfort level. when using, even for a long time, you will not face any type of discomfort issue which can be very useful while playing games.

Competitor of OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, it’s a very lightweight earphone with Water and Dust resistance.

In the final word, it’s a good earphone but buy this oppo Bluetooth earphone if you get this at a price of 1800 or less.

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

AFFORDABLE AND best wireless earphones under 2000
Best in budget range

Want a wireless neckband earphone but out of budget to buy above earphones?

well, then the famous brand boat in keeping your problem in mind has launched a boAt Rockerz 255 .

boAt Rockerz 255 grabs the 4th position in the best Bluetooth headphone under the 2000 rs list because of its performance and price.

made with premium looking design and lightweight plastics body, boat rockerz 255 will give you crystal clear sound and bass quality, thanks to the 10 mm drivers.

don’t like using smartphone while hitting gym or cycling?

No worry, because it can easily get connected to your voice assistant ok google and Siri.

the only concern is its battery life as it has 6 hours of playtime in a single 100% full charge which is less in comparison to OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-ear headphone.

But at this price its totally worth it.

So if the budget doesn’t allow you to buy a high-end price Bluetooth earphone, then you can consider it to buy.

Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Sony WI-C200
Feature rich with brand trust

it will be unfair if I don’t include one of the most popular electronic brands, Sony.

This feature rich Bluetooth earphone grabs the 5th position in this list.

You know what I like about this earphone and you will too.

Its tangle-free flat cable, which let me keep this earphone in my pocket without thinking about tangling.

15 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, Magnetic Earbuds for Tangle-Free Carrying, Metallic Finish, and many more. whatever feature you look for in any wireless earphone you will get in it.

Sound quality is good as it has a 9 mm driver so no worry about it but the bass is just average. So if you are a bass lover then think again before buying.

the only feature missing is the sweat and dustproof feature which is an essential one if you are going to use it in the gym.

also, you might face some echo while calling but it’s too less or you can also think of it as negligible.

Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones with Dynamic Bass

mi apart from being market leader in the smartphone sector is also selling eye-catching quality earphones .

Its Mi Neckband is one of the those branded earphone.

With excellent Bluetooth range and 8 hours of playback time, this earphone grabs the attention of others when you stand in-crowd.

sound and bass quality is just of average quality in comparison to its competitor although it is advertised with having dynamic bass. so you may not like it if you like earphones with extra bass.

also, its noise cancellation really disappointed me so think twice if you make too many calls or listen in-crowd.

But you will feel comfortable when using it unlike the others rough material earphones.

I recommend you to buy this if you get it at less than 1500 Rs, otherwise, look further in the list.

pTron Tangent Beats Magnetic in-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Cheapest in list

Cheapest but feature pack earphone.

pTron are although new brands in the earphone/headphone sector, but this earphone is giving tough competition to the boat rockerz earphone.

Its hi-fi audio performance with well balance bass will sure make you fall in love with this earphone.

Considering its eye-catching design and build quality, it looks like a premium Bluetooth earphone.

furthermore, you also get Magnetic Earbuds, Google Assistant/Siri Voice Assistance Support, Sweat & Dust-proof and many more.

Its 6hour of playback time may look like a cons but at this price range, it is not a cons.

Note: if you want an earphone of the same brand at a more reasonable price then you can go for pTron Bassfest Plus Magnetic in-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones

Boult Audio ProBass
Cheap but good

do you have a bad experience with brands like boat or jbl? looking to try a new brand earphone?

Then you should check the boult brand earphone.

coming at a same price as of boat rockerzz,Boult Audio ProBass Curve is budget earphone with long lasting battery abckup.

you can get 12 Hour Battery Life is single 100% charge.

Although sound and bass quality is quite OK but not like boat rockerzz.

you will get features similar to the boat rockerzz but with just ok quality, like Bluetooth range is just ok and noise cancellation in nither too good nor too bad.

So if you get these earphones at price less than 1000 Rs, then go for this earphone otherwise check others in this list.


Which is better neckband or earbuds?

I recommend you to go for neckband as the battery life of neckband is much more than earbuds. Where earbuds have playback time of 3-4 hours, the neckband can offer you playback time of 12 hours or even more. Also, earbuds gets lost easily.

Are wireless earphones worth it?

In one word, yes. Especially if you are a traveller or sports person, as they are very convenient to use. Also in recent past years, the price of wireless earphone has reduced significantly and featured an increase.

Is PTron a good brand?

pTron, an Indian company founded in 2014, is a good brand manufacturing earphones/headphones, smart wearables and many more electronics products but still as it new brand, its customer service is not good and you might not find its service centre in tier 2 & 3 city


Wireless earphones are better than wired earphones as they are comfortable and free you from long frustrating wires.

But only when you pick the right one for yourself. Let me know in the comment section which earphone you are purchasing and if you have any question, please feel free to ask.

In case I missed any other Bluetooth earphone which should be on this list please let me know.

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