The Best Brain Games For Android [2020]

The brain can be trained by a number of different activities but usually, those activities are boring.

What if you can train and improve your brain areas while having fun.

Brain games are made by keeping the above point in mind. these types of games developed to sharpen the mind in a fun way.

But there are many brain games available on android, out of which some are effective and entertaining while some are not so effective.

To help you, here I have listed some of the best brain games for android which will help to exercise your brain.

List of the Best Brain Games For Android.



Lumosity one best brain game for android

Lumosity is one of the best brain training games available on the android. This game has everything you need to train your brain.

No matter your age or skill level, Lumosity adapts according to your strength and weakness and targets the skill that matters the most.

You will get a fresh set of games each day to keep challenging your brain to improve. Lumosity also track your progress every day to see how you are performing.

You can enjoy the free version of lumosity, and if you like it then you can purchase a premium plan which is worth buying. the premium plan gives you access to all features of the game.

11. Elevate


Elevate best brain training game for android

Elevate is another best brain training game similar to lumasity. With 35+ games, elevate is a specifically designed tool to build and improve focus, memory, communication, and analytical skills.

Its program adjusts its difficulty level to ensure your experiencing challenge. Play elevates to exercise your brain every day and customize it according to the skill you need the most.

You can keep track of your performance and measure it against yourself and others. It offers a free version and a 7-day free trial of a premium plan after which you have to purchase it.



peak brain game

Made in the partnership with the leading university, the peak is simple, effective and one of the best free brain games.

Scientists from leading university and game developers have worked together to provide you training programs that challenge very specific skills, like memory and attention.

This game challenges your memory and power to creativity and emotional control. Each day only for 10 minutes, play one of the 45 games to improve your brainpower.

Compete with your friend and see in which category your brain excels.

The peak is free but to Get the personalized brain training workouts and in-depth insights you have to subscribe for peak pro.

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Left vs Right:Brain Games


Left vs Right brain game
Left vs Right:Brain Game

You do exercise to keep your body healthy, but what about the to keep your brain healthy and fit.this is where left vs right games can help you.

This game has 51 games specifically designed to train and improve your brain. It has short, little puzzles to solve that trains your brain in several different categories.

By playing this game, you can test your awareness, reasoning, precision.patience, and many more.

Math | Riddle and Puzzles


Math | Riddle and Puzzle the best mathematics brain game available in android
Math | Riddle and Puzzle

Do you love math? Or does the math be not your cup of tea? If your answer is yes then this game if for you.math riddle is the games of number and shapes which will stretch the limits of your minds.

Made for all kinds of ages, this game will train both parts of your brain by exploring the relations between the numbers in the geometrical shapes.

You don’t need to be math genius to play this can solve all the questions by just using basic operations like addition subtraction multiplication and division.this game is free to play so give it a try.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzle


Brain test tricky puzzle

Brain test will push your mind to think out of the box and challenge is a tricky puzzle game, for all kind of ages.if you’re someone who loves Sudoku, quiz or riddle games than you should try this game.

Mixed of logic, common sense, and some Unexpected answers to the great number of quizzes will push your mind to think more.

The plus point is this is an offline game.

Tricky Test 2


Tricky test 2 brain game

Tricky test 2 is fun-loving trick games that test your memory, logic, and math abilities!.

You will get a puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers to push your brain.the goal of this trivia game is not to be tricked.

Play this game with your friend if you think you are smart enough, and find out.



Skilzz brain game

Skilzz is a multiplayer brain exercise game. Using the different types of skilzz games you can test and improve memory, speed, accuracy, etc.

You will sharpen your minds while having fun by playing this game.

You can play in dual-mode or squad mode to compete with each other and the winner will get the 1st rank.



sudoku classic brain game on android

Sudoku is a game that needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular classic puzzle game of numbers. This game is being played for countless years by the people of all ages.

This Sudoku app has an easy level for beginners to expert levels. You can also take note of each step and track it. participate in an event or challenge yourself and analyze your best time.

Brain it on


Brain it on best physics brain game on android

Brain it on is a simple mind teasing puzzle game mixed with the principle of physics.

To solve a puzzle you have to use your creativity, logical skill, and the basic principle of physics. This game is a perfect mixture of entertainment and challenge.

Escape game: 50 rooms


Escape game
Escape Game

Do you think that you have amazing puzzle-solving skills? Do you think that you’re smart? Let’s find out.

The escape room is a classic fun-loving puzzle game that makes your brain work harder to solve it. This game has 50 doors and you have to cross all 50 doors by solving the puzzles.

The graphic of the game gives it a plus point. Did I tell you that this game is free?



Mekorama brain game

Mekorama is a simple yet really challenging puzzle game, accompanied by a beautiful yet amazing graphics and soothing music.

in this game, Your goal is to solve small 3d puzzles and help the tiny robot dude reach the end.

The game features a ton of tricky levels and every next level is slightly difficult than the previous level which takes your mind to think harder.

This game is totally free to play so no worry to purchase it.

Flow Free


Flow Free

Flow free is puzzle games of colors and lines with clean and colorful graphics. This game has over 2500 puzzles that have the free play mode and time trial mode of which you can select any.

In this game, you have to connect the dots of the same colors to each other, but keep in mind that you cannot overlap one line to another otherwise they will break.

Stuck at a level and want to skip? No problem just press the skip button and skip the level.

Should I buy the paid games?

It is not necessary to buy the paid games, you can also go for free options. But if your pocket allows, then it’s worth purchasing lumosity, elevate or peak brain game.

Hope this post helped you to find a brain game you were searching for.let me know in the comment section which game you gonna download.

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