Best Bluetooth speaker under 1000 in India (November 2020)

Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under 1000 Rs to enjoy your favorite music on the hill? Or want to extra experience while watching horror films.

of course, you can use wireless earphones or headphones for listening or watching web series but the speaker comes in handy and helpful when there is more than one person in the room or you are taking shower.

Here I have given a list of the best Bluetooth speaker under 1000 Rs which you can this list all speakers has its unique points like some have an extra-long battery or some are best portable wireless speaker or some have crystal clear sound.

To select the best speaker according to your requirement I recommend you to read wireless speaker buying guide so that you can select the best one according to your choice.

Buying guide: points to consider before buying a wireless speaker under 1000

buying a good wireless speaker is not that much big problem but having a speaker according to your requirment which fullfill your every need can be a good return on investment.

Read this wireless speaker buying guide which will help you to choose the Bluetooth speaker according to your requirement.

Purpose: of course you want to buy a speaker to listen to your favourite music but where you’re going to play music is very important. Are you mostly going to use the speaker outdoor or in your home? Ask yourself this question as this will decide the best wireless speaker which will fit you.

Battery backup: In an electronic wireless device battery backup is one of the most important points you should consider. if you need a speaker for outdoor or traveling purposes then go for a long battery life speaker as you will not find a socket everywhere to charge your speaker.

But if you need s speaker for home purpose than 5-6 hours of playback time speaker is good, even a speaker with 3 hours of battery backup can do the most job.

Keep in mind long battery backup speaker comes at high price while small battery backup speaker comes at low.

Portable wireless speaker: opposite to heavyweight and bulky, having a portable Bluetooth speaker makes it handy to carry anywhere so choose the lightweight speaker for outdoor purposes.

Audio quality: not to say too much, as it is universal to buy s speaker with good audio quality.

Cost: last but not least, buy a speaker in your budget and don’t think low price speakers are bad at the quality. Believe it or not, but sometimes a low price speaker beats the high price branded speaker.

List of the best Bluetooth speaker under 1000

boAt Stone 200 3W Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 200 overall best wireless speaker under 1000 rs
Overall best
Bluetooth version4.1
Battery capacity1500mAH
Charging time4 hours

Looks like the boat is trying to capture the whole Indian audio market as apart from taking top place the best earphone under 500 Rs, here too it climbs to the 1st position.

boAt Stone 200 3W is our overall best pick in the list of Bluetooth speaker performance and reasonable price.

from sound and bass quality to being lightweight, it has got all features you would like to have in your Bluetooth speaker.

but the amazing feature of this speaker is its battery life which easily gives you playback time of up to 10 hours (50% volume), whereas most of its competitor gives 6-8 hours of playback time.

apart from it, if you are going to use it when traveling, then its water and dust resistance feature will be very useful for you.

as far as design and build quality goes, then don’t worry,as it have square portable and mountable design with solid durability which makes it hard to break.

But in any case, you got some problem with your speaker, then don’t worry as this boat speaker has a warranty period of 1 year. If you don’t know how to claim the boat warranty then you can learn it here.

In final words, I recommend you to go for this speaker if you want an overall feature-packed Bluetooth speaker for home as well as outdoor purpose.


  • Long battery backup
  • easy to use
  • value for money


  • Not any major cons

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Wireless Portable Speaker

Infinity (JBL) Fuze best wireless speaker under 1000 rs
Bluetooth version5.0
Battery capacity480 mAH
Charging time2.5 hours

If sound clarity and bass quality is the primary feature you are looking for then this can be your one-stop destination.

being portable and easy to keep in pocket speaker, it gives you clear sound and deep bass with Dual Equaliser feature which lets you enhance the bass.

just Tap the power button thrice to activate the Dual Equaliser feature and enjoy punchy and enhanced bass.

But don’t expect that you will get very high sound as it give sound according to its size.

in terms of build quality, then its durability is good and looks are eye-catching but the rugged material above the speaker gives it an extra edge.

apart from this, it also have Voice Assistant Integration (feature to connect Google Now/ Siri) and an inbuilt mic so that you can go hands-free and talk endlessly.

However, the only concern is its battery backup which is up to 5hours, so think before if you are buying it for travelling purposes or to use at the home.

in final words, this is the perfect wireless speaker if you need a speaker home purpose as at this price it is worth your penny.


  • Pocket friendly
  • lightweight
  • worth the money


  • No audio jack
  • playback time

Boat Stone 170 5W Bluetooth Speaker

Boat Stone 170 3rd best wireless speaker under 1000 rs
2nd runner-up
Bluetooth version4.2
Battery capacity1800 mAH
Charging time2.5 hours

Boat Stone 170 grabs the 3rd position in this list of the best wireless speakers under 1000 Rs because of its features and performance.

producing very good sound quality with no distortion up to 80% volume and decent bass, it’s a speaker to feel the music.

Although the loudness is just average(neither too high nor too low) much which makes it a non-outdoor speaker (speaker for home use purpose).

but its USP (unique selling point) is its multiple connectivity options which let you play music using Bluetooth, Micro SD Card as well as AUX cable.

You also get a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) feature which let you connect play two boat stone 170 speaker at the same time.

Do not worry taking it outside in the rain as it is IPX6 marked water & splash resistance.

However like the above speaker, its battery backup is just 6hour, but it’s not the much big problem as you will use it at the home.


  • Ease to use
  • look good


  • Average battery life

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 with in-Built mic

Bluetooth version4.2
Battery capacity480 mAH
Charging time2 hours(approx)
Frequency200 Hz to 18kHz

Want a premium looking speaker of portable wireless speaker in low budget?

Then don’t miss this.

Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker is a device that can easily grab the attention of anyone with its white color portable body and mesh design which makes it easy to carry, easy to store.

keeping its size in mind, in terms of sound quality it can compete with the above wireless speaker but do not expect very high-level sound or awesome bass.

Apart from this, it also has integrated microphone for phone calls.

its battery gives you a playback time of 6 hours at 80% volume just like the above one which can be charge again using the Micro-USB port.

in the final review, if you need a Bluetooth speaker for personnel use at home (to use with laptop or smartphone) and not for traveling or party, then you can buy this MI wireless speaker.


  • Pocket friendly
  • looks good
  • worth of every penny


  • Average durability

Portronics Bluetooth 5.0 Personal Mini Portable Speaker 

Bluetooth version5.0 /4.1
Battery capacity300 mAH
Charging time1 hour

Cheaper than the above one, Portronics speaker is similar to the Mi Bluetooth wireless speaker, portable and lightweight.

this speaker is ideal for personal space audio use like watching a movie on a laptop or mobile (not loud enough for parties or outdoors) with good sound quality.

But don’t expect bass from it.

the major drawback of this speaker is its battery backup, while mi speaker gives you 6 hours of playback time at 80% volume, it gives you roughly 3 hours of playback time on a single charge.

go for this speaker if you are on a budget and want a speaker for personnel use otherwise increase your budget and buy mi speaker.


  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Battery backup

Portronics Dynamo 5W POR-738 Stereo Speaker

Bluetooth version5.0 /4.1
Battery capacity2000 mAH
Charging time4 hours(approx)

Giving tough competition to boat speakers in terms of playback time with 10-12 hours, Portronics Dynamo is a top-notch build quality speaker.

You will get every feature you look for in a wireless speaker like long battery backup, good sound quality,  in-built mic, multiple connectivity options (Bluetooth, Pendrive, TWS), and more.

apart from being a wireless speaker, it also works as FM radio, which makes it a good gift option for your grandfather/grandmother.

although the sound quality is good of this speaker(up to 60-70% of Volume Level), it can’t be said for bass.

Moreover, for an even better, and bigger experience you can connect two Dynamo speakers using TWS.

in final words, go for it if you need a long battery backup speaker for outdoor purpose with the option to play as radio otherwise go for a boAt speaker as it comes at the same price as this.


  • Durable
  • easy to use


  • Different price for different colour
  • not so stylish

Photron P10  Mini Metal Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth version4.2
Battery capacity2000 mAH
Charging time4 hours(approx)

Looking for decent wireless speaker with stylish look?

Then take a look at Photron P10 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker gives you an above-average sound quality with decent bass.

also, its built quality and cool design with LED light make it more eye catchy. You can carry it anywhere as it is one of the best portable Bluetooth speaker similar to Mi compact wireless speaker.

with having multiple connectivity options, like Aux-in,micro-SD card slot, Bluetooth, its noise cancellation feature gives it an edge.

Like the most of the other speaker its major down factor is its 3 hours playback time.

But personally I believe at this price it is worth of every penny.


  • Stylish
  • lightweight


  • Not so easy to use(buttons are at bottom)

iBall Musi Play A1 Wireless Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth version4.1
Battery capacityN/A
Charging time1.5 hours
Frequency100 Hz ~ 20 KHz

iBall Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers come in a classic square design with so many different vibrant colors, so don’t forget to buy your favorite color wireless speaker.

its sounds level is powerful enough considering its price with decent bass even at high volume, its sound quality is good and you will not see any distortion.

the unique point of this speaker is its option to play using Micro-sd which lets you enjoy music by just plugging the SD-card.

Its drawback is its battery life, brand claim to playback time up to 6 hours but it’s not true, it hardly plays music for up to 3 hours on a single charge.

Apart from this, there is no other major cons.


  • Decent speaker at decent price
  • multiple colours


  • Playback time

HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speakers (Black)

Bluetooth version4.1
Battery capacityN/A
Charging time3 hours(approx)

Using HP laptop?

Then you might want to look into speaker by HP.

this HP speaker, having good sound qaulity , decent bass, and upto 8hours of battery backup, is a rough and tough product.

Its built quality is really good but if are more into fashion, then sorry this is not for you, as with its classic design, it looks like you are holding a 90s speaker.

But don’t judge a book by its cover as it is a wonderful speaker which you can buy


  • Durable
  • crisp and clear sound


  • looks


A good speaker gives you extra entertainment while watching movies or listening to music and I hope you finally found the speaker which suits you best.

Please let me know which speaker you are going to buy or if you have any questions or suggestions then please comment below.

if I missed any Bluetooth speaker under 1000 you think should be on this list then please comment and I will make sure to add it to this list.


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