Best All In One Printers for Home & Small Office Use in India(2020)

Searching for the Best All In One Printers for home use that can print, scan as well as copy your resume?

I know it is really frustrating to find the best multifunction printer when hundreds of printers with the same function are available in the market. our mind gets confused, which to choose or not.

After all buying a printer is not like buying a toffee? You invest thousands of hard-earned money to get better return on investment.

do you know I was also in the same situation a few months ago when I wanted to buy a printer for home use in lockdown as I have to print and can document every day?

and after so much research finally i bought one.

To help you find a printer according to your requirement here I have shared some of the best all-in-one printers for home use available on the market you can buy now.

so lets go

Why you should buy a Multifunction Printer?

Thinking to buy a single-function printer(printer with an only print feature, not a scanner)?

Think again!

A single-function printer is better for office use whereas but for home use, all in one(All in one printer also called a multitasking printer, are printer which apart from printing can also scan copy your document) printer makes more sense than a single printer.

Many times a day you have to scan a document but your smartphone doesn’t scan it well.

Or to print your birthday photo you have to visit a store. Will, not it is better if you can do all of these tasks at home from your printer?

If your answer is yes than definitely go for all in one printer.

Apart from this Buying, an All-in-one printer is much better than buying a separate scanner and printer as it saves your money and space.

Best all in one printer for your home

Here I have given a list of the best all-in-one printers for home use which can handle your scanning and printing tasks very efficiently.

But before going to the list I recommend you to read a printer buying guide (given below the list) which will help you to select the best printer according to your requirement.

1. Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer

canon pixma 3000 |best all in one home printer in india for home
canon pixma 3000



Easy to Use


Value for Money


Imagine an all in one printer which can give you overall good performance at an affordable price, doesn’t matter you print your document/family photo or scan and copy.

Does it sound good to you.

So if that type of printer you are looking than you can go for Canon Pixma G3000.

Out of hundred of printers in the market ,Pixma G3000 is overall best and value for money printer.

While saving your money in the long run by printing at an affordable cost per page of 9 paise for B&W and 32 paise for Color print, this printer let you print via Wi-Fi, USB as well as directly by your smartphone using an App, which is a very essential feature in this modern era where you do not have time to on your pc/laptop each time then print via USB.

Furthermore, with advanced technology, its ink tank is the attraction point which doesn’t let your hand gets dirty while refill and as well as print  6000 pgs of black & white and 7000 pgs of color print so no more refill frequently.

I found its print quality far better than its competitor just makes sure to use good quality of a4 paper while printing B&W and glossy paper during color print to get optimal performance.

So if you need s best printer for home use with Wi-Fi than you can go for this one.

Bonus Point: you will get 2 extra bottles of black ink with this printer, so Save Money Save Ink.


  • value for money
  • user friendly
  • speed
  • buit quality
  • easy installation


  • noisy
  • no LCD display
  • scanner is not up to the mark
  • app user interface

2.HP 310 All-in-One Printer



Easy to Use


Value for Money


After going through the breathtaking research,hp310 has got 2nd positions in this list of best printers for home use in India.

But what, before going further I have a question for you.

Does the khach-khach noise of printer irritate you?

Because the above printer makes this noise which is quite disturbing but you gonna love this wireless(USB, Wired, App) printer as it has got the power to remain silent and print smoothly like you never used the printer.

Giving tough competition to the above one, this HP 310 is not less than the pixma 3000 in any has got all the features the same as pixma 3000, but you sometime you may see connectivity problem or the slow speed when printing through a mobile USB.

But it is only with mobile as with a computer/laptop the speed is case of alternative with the same feature of another brand you can go for Epson printer


  • Quality
  • easy to use


  • non-wireless

3. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Printer

canon pixma G2012



Easy to Use


Value for Money


Another canon printer with the same design as of Pixma 3000, Pixma G2012 best ink tank printer under 1000.

Built with all the features you may want in your printer like Compact and sleek design,1.2 inch LCD display, low-cost printing(9 paise for B&W, 32 paise for Color), high ppm, Print resolution – 4800 x 1200, and low power consumption, this printer has got some major drawback.

This printer is not wireless and work only with USB, and the another biggest loophole of this printer is that it doesn’t support macOS, which is one of the two main OS, which forced me to put it in the 3rd position.

Not like the other, its ink tank was inside the printer because of which it takes less space in your room/office and makes it easy to movable without any disturbance.

Apart from these, you may see paper jamming when using cheap 65gsm paper, so be sure to use quality paper like 75gsm paper.


  • Easy to use
  • Quality
  • Durable


  • Non-wireless
  • Doesn’t support macOS
  • Paper feeder on top

4. HP 315 All-in-One Printer

hp 315 all in one printer|best all in one home printer in INDIA for home
Hp 315



Easy to Use


Value for Money


Be ready to get stunned with the quality of this printer.

If the print quality(especially than b&w print) is the primary feature you are looking in a printer then this printer can be your one-stop choice.HP 315 is the printer that amazed me with its crispy(especially b&w) print quality while giving stunning speed.

Although this printer is not a wireless printer and works with the only USB, it’s a power-saving feature(Consumes very less power to perform its task) makes it stand different from the crowd, and lets you save your extra electric bill cost.

Apart from printing a4,a4,a6 size, you can also print on letter and envelope. unlike canon Pixma 3000, this printer has an LCD display to help you see the no.of paper you have set to print.


  • Quality
  • Page per minute


  • Non-wireless
  • Tank outside printer

5. Epson L3152 Wi-Fi All in One Printer

EPSON L3152|



Easy to Use


Value for Money


Finding the top all in one printer is really hard when there are hundreds of printers available in the market. but this printer caught didn’t take to much time to get my eye as it is the bestseller on Amazon.

Little more expensive than the above one,l3152 is worth to notice as it has a stunning printing speed of 33 pages for B&W and 15 pages for Color with Print resolution – 5760 x 1440, which print your lovely memory with high quality


  • Page per minute
  • Speed
  • Resolution


  • First page print time

6. HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer




Easy to Use


Value for Money


Get ready for the cheapest printer in this list which cost you less than the 3gb ram smartphone price.

Made with the ink advantage technology, this printer is perfect for someone who is looking for a printer for occasional use as in initially it cost you very less but in the long run, it will drain your pocket.

If talk about quality, then it is not less than the ink tank printer, but sadly its printing cost is high.where in ink tank printer for b&w print it cost you around 10 paise, this printer takes ₹1.4  for b&w print.

Its looks are really catchy, and definitely, it will catch the eyes of everyone who comes in your house and do not worry about the weight, as it is made from light plastics so no worry whenever you to move it.


  • Quality
  • design


  • Cost per page
  • cartridge cost

7. HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

HP 410



easy to use


value for money


The only printer on the list which gives you features to print by command using the amazon Alexa and google voice assistant, this HP410 has been a quite decent printer.

It gives you good quality print, but its scanner not like the above may see very slow speed while scanning, and the output is also not that good.


  • Voice command print
  • Smooth finishing


  • Tank is outside the printer
  • Scanner quality

Buying Guide: How to Buy Best All in One Printer For Home

Buying a printer is like making an investment so it is really important to know what kind of printer you need or what feature you want. Do you want an inkjet vs ink tank? wireless or non-wireless printer?

Go through this home printer buying a guide which will help you to select what kind of printer you should buy.

Inkjet vs ink tank

Inkjet vs ink tank?which is the best all-in-one printer for home use in INDIA
Inkjet vs ink tank

Let first understand what is difference between inkjet and ink tank printer.

inkjet printer as the name suggests is a printer equipped with a cartridge(ink is filled in the cartridge) which sprays ink on paper whenever your printer.

whereas ink tank printer has a tank(inside or outside the printer) in which ink is filled and whenever you print this ink through the pipe is sent to the printhead which prints on your paper.

the print quality of the inkjet and ink tank is almost similar but the major difference in them is its cost.

inkjet printers usually come at cheap prince(starting from 2500 rs) whereas ink tank printer is more expensive than inkjet(but less expensive than laser printer).

But don’t be fool

Inkjet printer initially comes at cheap price but in long run, it will drain your pocket because of the followingreason:

  • Per-page cost is very high(usually 6 Rs for B&W whereas 8 Rs for colour print).
  • It can print a maximum of 150 pages(until you refill the ink again).
  • Ink refill is quite complex.
  • Its ink/cartridge is very expensive(starting price 700 Rs).

So it is recommneded to purchase a inktank printer if you can affords as in the long run they will save your lot of money.some of the main feaure of inktank printers is:

  • Per page cost is very low(usually 8 paise for b&w whereas 20 paise for color print).
  • It can print more than 5000 pages in one refill(until you refill the ink again)
  • Ink refill is simple that even a 7-year-old child can refill ink.
  • Its ink/cartridge is cheap(starting price 400 Rs).

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As the technology changing, printers are also changing.gone the days when you have to connect USB cable to printer for printing of your market have printer with wireless printer which can print directly from your smartphone or even by command(using Alexa or Google home)

so if you do not like to too many cables or you hate everytime switching on your pc/laptop to print your vacation photo,than go for wireless printers.


Budget is the major point for indian.we want a product which can give as many as features in low cost.

so if your pocket doesn’t allow to buy printer with advance fatures,then it will be wise decision to compromise with one or more feature(like you can buy non-wireless printer which are cheaper than wireless printer).


When buy a printer then you should look upon the resolutin as you do not want your vacation photo to be dull.above listed printers are good but the epson printer is the winner when we talk about resolution.


I don’t think speed major concern(untill or unless you gonna print 100 or more page in one time) .

so no worry about it.

Safety tips:avoid going to service centre again and again

Ok !so you bought a printer…but wait!

Do you know how to keep a printer safe so that you don’t have to call to the service center? as most people complain that their printer stops working after 3 months or print is not clear.

Go through these tips and avoid a mistake like other people make.

What to do when printer deliver at your doorstep?

Usually, most of the people try to set up their printer by themselves, and nothing wrong with that. if you are an experienced guy with a printer or technical man than go for it. but if you are someone with no knowledge about printer than give a call to the printer brand company. their technical guy will set up your printer free of cost.


Many guys make the mistake to leave their printer for months without using it which is a big blunder you can make with your printer.

Your machine cartridge/ink can jam or dry if you leave it for months without use. the brand recommends(i too) to use a printer at least once or twice a week to avoid this problem.

Where to Keep

keep your printer away from sunlight and heat as it hates it.try to leave some space around it.


Usually, many people leave the printer without covering it which is another big mistake.keeping a printer without cover cause dust to enter inside the it is recommended to use a dustproof printer cover.

Print Quality

Using a printer with low-quality paper is a bad thing as it gives you bad quality print(and people blame that it is the fault of the printer).so use a 75 gsm page for b&w print and 200 gsm glossy paper for color print.


so you are still with me.

Then I think I should give you bonus.

Well doesn’t matter you buy a dustproof cover or not.but it is advisable to buy an extended warranty card within 3 months of purchasing a printer.

As it will increase the lifespan of your printer and you don’t have to go to the service centre as the technical guy itself will visit your doorstep to pick up and deliver your printer in case your printer has got some problem.

So happy buying and please let me know which printer you have selected.

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